Friday, July 1, 2011

Big blue biochemical bees belting Bono's believable biographic ballads backwards bodaciously

Brian Osborne
Born 1982
Born to skateboard
Blessed with goodly parents
Bet your teenage years were weird too
But then I found graffiti
Book of Mormon
Bought a Mexican guitar
Baberham Lincoln, my wife, Kirsti
Beach apartment in Puerto Rico
Better apartment in China
Brian is now MC Oz
Band: Love You Long Time
Baby girl, Navy,
Beckoned to Los Angeles
Back on tour, tour, tour
Bike rides non stop
Baby boy Audio
Best job in the world, making art.


  1. I was there for the Love You Long Time days. I drew crappy pictures of you in MS paint and came to your concerts and thought I was the coolest 12 year old alive.

  2. haha! thats so rad. Those were some of the best times ever. You WERE the coolest 12 year old alive.