Friday, July 1, 2011


[epic voice] Behold the Majestic Swainataur! This is my good buddy and fellow designer at Neff Tyler Swain, aka: T-Swain, T-Swayze, Patric Swain, and Hillary Swain among others. When the full moon falls directly north of his studio apartment one erie night a month, he becomes half horse, thus becoming The Swainataur. This is from the Neff Fall Winter 2o11 line. It was late at our photoshoot and we made T-Swain take off his shirt and subsequently put on a beanie/beard combo and hold a light saber. I made this image kind of as a joke to put in our space themed catalog. Then Shaun loved it and put it in... then loved it so much we made it a shirt! You can buy it now at Tilly's. Huyeeaayuh!

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